The Issue

In January of 2015, the Liberal government of British Columbia announced a five-year plan that would see helicopter companies contracted out to cull wolves in the South Peace and South Selkirk Regions. The government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded cull was initiated in response to substantial declines in caribou herds and saw the death of 84 wolves during the winter of 2015. Recently, the government announced that more than twice the number of wolves were killed in the South Peace in 2016 (154 wolves. In the South Selkirk, 9 were killed, bringing the number to a shocking 163 wolves. 


Culling wolves to save caribou is a scientifically flawed approach and, simply put, is an irresponsible biological experiment. Data elicited from the Alberta wolf cull proved that removing apex predators did nothing to recover endangered caribou herds in the province. Similar to the South Peace region, researchers found that rampant industrial development in Alberta led to the severe decline in caribou. Logging, mining, seismic lines, roads and oil and gas all contribute to this decline.



Wildlife Defence League’s campaign combines advocacy efforts and in-depth fieldwork.


Our fieldwork puts Wildlife Defence League crew on the ground to monitor, document and expose the wolf cull while showcasing the true reason for caribou decline – habitat fragmentation and loss.

Our outreach efforts include leafleting, tabling, speaking engagements and creative activism to educate and empower the public to help end the wolf cull and demand protection for caribou in the province.

Support the Cause

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