Ontario abandons expanded wolf and coyote hunt

April 5, 2016

The Ontario Government announced it will not be expanding the slaughter of wolves and coyotes in Northern Ontario, as was initially proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources this past January. 

The plan, which would have eased hunting regulations for wolves and coyotes in an ill-informed attempt to protect moose populations, was opened for public comment and over 12,000 submissions were made. In addition, over 200,000 petition signatures were submitted in opposition to the proposal. 

The Government acknowledged arguments against the plan, which included that it would “reverse steps taken in recent years to protect wolves in general; it does not adequately protect Eastern wolves; that predation is not the cause of the moose decline and the proposal won’t benefit moose populations broadly; and opposition to hunting and trapping in general.”

Wildlife Defence League welcomes this decision and we hope it will inform a larger discussion about ethical and science-based conservation and that other provincial governments, including Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, will follow suit and end their senseless slaughter of wolves and other predators. 

This case highlights the importance and impact of public pressure. Together, we can help end the scapegoating of predators in British Columbia. Please contact your MLA and the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources (Honourable Steve Thomson) and share this announcement with them. Call on them to officially oppose and do their part to end the BC wolf cull and the expansion of predator control across the province. Encourage them to instead support genuine conservation efforts.