Tracking Those Who Target Wolves

Cull – noun - a selective slaughter of wild animals.

In just under ten years, Bighorn Helicopters has culled over 1000 wolves in Alberta and British Columbia. Acting as bounty hunters for the provincial governments, they continue to perpetuate an anthropocentric view that has plagued the wild since Europeans settled in what is today known as Canada. 

When the Liberal government of British Columbia announced they would be killing entire wolf packs from helicopter in a so-called effort to save endangered caribou, it came as no surprise that Bighorn chose to take the contract. As an organization dedicated to defending wildlife from exploitation, we refuse to let the actions of this company go unnoticed and unchallenged.

Last winter, we launched a pressure campaign against Bighorn. Our supporters succeeded in tying up their phone lines and e-mails, day after day. The re-launch of call-ins, e-mails and faxes began again last week to coincide with the second year of the wolf cull in British Columba – but this season, we have stepped up our campaign.

Bighorn Helicopter’s head office and hanger is located in Cranbrook. They also have a base in Fernie and Invermere - contact information can be found on our event page. The company is also known to frequent airports and landing strips in the Kootenays to refuel and resupply as they attempt to cull wolves. 

When it comes to slaughtering wildlife, Bighorn's reputation precedes them. Tuesday night, Bighorn flew into Nelson, resupplied and shut down until morning. At approximately 10am the next day, they were seen flying into the South Selkirk mountains, possibly to cull wolves. 

Gone are the days when Bighorn flew under the radar, silently killing these highly intelligent, social beings with our tax dollars.

We will not stop until they do.

Join us in calling on Bighorn Helicopters to cease their participation in the slaughter of wolves.